Interview Tips

The job interview is an opportunity for the employer and candidate to have a conversation to further explore how the candidate’s experiences and skills meet the requirements of the position and will add value to the hiring department or agency.  It is an opportunity for the interviewee to express their interest and exhibit their skills and abilities to perform the duties of the position.  It’s also an opportunity to ask questions and explore more about the position and working for the State of Vermont.

Be Yourself – The interview will be most effective if you are yourself.  Answer all questions honestly and feel comfortable showing your personality.  The interview is the opportunity to examine job fit and help ensure a successful employment relationship.

Be Prepared – Be prepared to show that you are a great candidate for the job.  Review your resume and be prepared to discuss how your past experiences and knowledge and skills are relevant to the position you are seeking.  Share your interest and passions and how they may make you a successful employee with the State of Vermont.

Learn About Us – You are encouraged to familiarize yourself with state government, particularly with the department or agency for which you are interviewing for.  You can explore the State of Vermont online at  Additional information can be found on each agency or department website.

Ask Questions – Use your interview time to ask questions that are important to you.  You want to leave the interview informed and comfortable with your understanding of the position and expectations.

Regardless of whether you receive a job offer, use the interview as an opportunity to expand your professional network and gain additional knowledge about working for the State of Vermont.