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We’ll take you behind the scenes with employees from a broad range of occupations who will give you some perspective on what it’s like to work for the State of Vermont. You’ll meet employees who love what they do and are eager to share some insight with you.

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Learn about a rewarding career in public health nursing which provides vital services to population groups with a focus on disease prevention and health promotion.

Learn about what it means to be a social worker with the State of Vermont. You’ll hear about the critical and meaningful work our Social Workers perform every day.

Bridget, a Benefits Program Specialist, talks about the critical service she provides to Vermonters applying for state assistance by educating them on programs, eligibility requirements, understanding their needs and what programs would be appropriate.

Hear how monitoring air quality is both a personal and a professional mission for Amy.

Learn about a rewarding career with the Agency of Transportation and how AOT Technicians serve the public by keeping our roads safe.

Hear about Steve's journey from a temporary employee to a full-time Motor Vehicle Specialist and the rewarding experience of working directly with the citizens of Vermont!

Watch Caitlin, a Financial Specialist, speak about how her mission to serve the citizens of Vermont is part of her family's history!

Hear from Pacifique, a Career Resource Specialist with the Vermont Department of Labor, talk about how he takes pride in providing support to the people of Vermont to assist them in their employment needs.

Watch Hope talk about the fulfillment she gets from her role as an Administrative Services Coordinator by being able to make an impact across all areas of Human Services.

Hear Nicole's story about how she started her journey with VTrans and why she feels pride in seeing how her work keeps Vermonters safe.

VTrans offers exciting and challenging careers for employees who want a role in helping to plan, build, maintain, and operate a superior state transportation system.

The civilian staff serving as call-takers and emergency communication dispatchers is a dedicated group that strives to provide the best service possible to the citizens and visitors of Vermont.

Take a ride with Trooper Mengbei Wang from the Vermont State Police as she serves her local community in Royalton, Vermont.